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Office of Planning and Coordination

Department of Research Planning • Formulate master plans & management goals
• Plan and coordinate research project and managing outcome
• Analyze trends and discover policy topics, and monitor policies
• Local and global network building and public relations
Division of Administrative Cooperation • Manage the board of directors/ personnel management & budget control
• Manage employee benefits and workshop training
• Manage data and facilities
Department of Gender Equality
and Employment Research
• Survey on women’s policy development in Gyeonggi Province
• Research on gender equality and women's human rights
• Perform and support Gender Impact Assessment
• Research on policies to develop and utilize women's human resources
• Research on policies to support work-family balance
Department of Family
· Childcare · Youth Research
• Survey on policy development for Family · Childcare · Youth
• Research on improvement of family function and support diverse families
• Research on development of policies in response to low fertility and population aging in Gyeonggi Province
• Develop customized childcare policy
• Policy development in various fields of child and youth
Department of Gender Equality Training • Gender training for public officials
• Gender and leadership training for Community Leaders
• Operate 「Gender Trainers Bank」